3D Design

Make the design of your 3D insoles thanks to the FootCAD3D software. 

The activation code can only be used once. We will have to give you a new key to reinstall or install the software in a new PC. 

It is possible to adapt the insole to the shoe to the millimetre. In any case, you can remove and measure the length and width of the shoe insole and implement these measures on the template in any moment during the designing. Also is possible to return to the treatment realized and modify the length and/or width to do other pair of shoes.  

In a way, yes. You only have to save the work of the first foot, to work with the other. However, is not possible to work with both feet at the same time in the same pc and move and see at the same time. 

Is possible to create a library of patterns and a library of templates and treatments, and, in the same way a library of elements. The software permits to implement a data base of personal data according to the personal practice.