Our solutions and tools adapt to your way of taking the footprints. 

Yes. To do it, connect to your GESPODO PRO space and select the file of your patient. 

The ideal is to take a photo in the same conditions that the scanner. Of course, the resolution of the scanner will modify the size of the photo when it is import to the software. Then it will be necessary to modify the resolution when you import it to adapt the photo properly. 

A new functionality will be added and will allow to rotate the image. 

FootSCAN3D mobile app

FootSCAN3D is an app with an integrated scanner, 3D reconstruction and therapeutic plan collection conceived for podiatrists and other foot health professionals. More info

 Connect with the same login information that you use to connect to Gespodo PRO. If you modify your login information in the Gespodo PRO place, you will have to modify also in the FootSCAN3D app.