Gespodo PRO

Order and follow the manufacturing of your insoles  

In your browser copy and paste or click in the following link:

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Put your username and password that the Gespodo team has create for you to activate your account.  

The feature “Forgotten password” will allow you to find your password.  

  The 3D scanner is precise to millimetres.  

Sometime is interesting to overlay a photo to amplify the vision and locate a painful area without a prominence (with a demographic pencil for example) 

The thickness and the material (bi, tri… ) is specified in the order, in the professional account,  being able to choose from 0.5mm. 

Therapeutics choices and prescription plan

Two possible ways:  

  • In the tab ‘’modify the arch height’’ 
  • In the tab ‘’adjust cutting line’’ 

It can be chosen if a milling is done and an external heel rise can be added.  

However, is possible modify the anterior and posterior limit where we want to place the heel rise.  

The anterior limit of the insole is defined in post-production in the lab. You can ask to have the insole cut in 3/4 or 2/3 according to your preferences.  

For it, you only have to add the remark in the designing file of the software. 

These are two potential treatment principles according to the conveniences and habits of each one, as a heel skive. You will find also a relation between the torsion grade and the height in millimetres depending on the prone-supination element chosen.  

Technics performances

The offload will be implemented, whatever it is the base. That is, an offload in a tridensity element will be the same that in a monodensity one. Thus, there is a way to work the depth of the offload and fill it in post-production, in your clinic or in the lab (an example for the patient’s file: filling of the offload of the 1 mtt head in the left foot with a shock absorbing material of 4mm and 25 ShA) 

It is possible to create any type of element and save it, so you can use it again as an element of the pre-existing list.