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  • Relationship between clinical balance and quantified prescription plan. 
  • Tools for the foot printing: FootSCAN 3D App in your smartphone, fixed scanner or mobile scanner. 
  • Footprint techniques: weight-bearing, semi weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing. 
  • CAD/CAM software: to dominate the 3D designing of your insoles in just a few clicks. 
  • Materials election. 
  • Manufacturing and finishing: to outsource or to equip. 

In the GESPODO manufacturing lab 

Chaussée de Wavre, 132 à Grez-Doiceau, Belgium 

Yes. We prefer to work in small groups with the objective of guaranteeing a good reception of the concepts taught during the formation.  

Yes. We will give a summary of the most important points discussed during the course. 

Yes. We recommend coming with a laptop to the formation to install the software. 

Yes. You will experience the full process and will finish the course with your own 3D insoles pair at the end of the formation. 

The formations and courses are available for all podiatrists. 

  • 125€ taxes included. 
  • However, the formation is FREE with the purchase of the Discovery Offer (See the offer in PodoPlace). 
  • Are you already a GESPODO client? Receive 500 extra Pods for participating in this formation. 
  • Are you a podiatry student or a recent graduated podiatrist (2018, 2019, 2020)? The formation is FREE. 

Yes, the trainer will give a certificate the same day of the course to each participant. 

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